Mahrudin ., Tien Aminah, Dian Pitaloka P.


Army personnel is an Indonesian citizen who meets the requirements specified in legislation and appointed
by the competent authorities to devote themselves in military service. Military Discipline is a mental attitude of
every soldier who comes down to ensuring unity, thought patterns, patterns of behavior, and follow the pattern as
a manifestation of the value - the value of Sapta Marga and the oath of the soldier. For soldiers and military
discipline is a stressor in the running are influenced by the coping mechanisms used. Coping mechanisms is the
way an individual to solve a problem. Way - the way in which individuals are likely to have negative and some are
relatively positive. The design of this study uses descriptive research design with the entire population in Yonkav
prajuit, Malang some 382 people. Sampling method used is proportional Random Sampling with samples taken
as much as 79 respondents. Variables studied were coping mechanisms soldiers against military discipline in
Yonkav, Malang. Data is collected using a questionnaire by the enumerators assisted researchers began stairs l3
- June 22, 2011. The results showed that the coping mechanisms of soldiers against military discipline. With the
tabulation of data obtained nilai hitung 8.873. = 701. = 7217. S value obtained is 3.558, then calculated using
a formula score of T. Of the 79 respondents, more malls adaptive ie 45 respondents (57%) than the adaptive even
as many as 34 respondents (43%). Seeing the results of this study, it is necessary perbaiakan coping mechanisms.
In order to minimize the occurrence of violations of discipline that is by increasing the clock commander for
sharing or discussions held about the problems - the problems encountered, related policies that will be given as
the solution of the problem.

Keywords: soldiers, military discipline, coping mechanisms