Amin Zakaria


The Impact of Intellectual Intelligence Level, Emotional and Spiritual Toward Student Learning
Achievement in Bachelor Nursing Major of Stikes Dian Husada Mojokerto. Thesis of Post Graduate Program of
Family Medicine in Health Professions Education Specialization. University Sebelas Maret of Surakarta.
Background: Learning achievement is impact by the level of intelligence, Goleman, 2000 states that emotional
and social intelligence in life required 80%, while the intellect is only 20% only. However, the current education
system is still focused on the development of intellectual quotient (IQ), while IQ is not always able to predict a
person’s learning achievement. Phenomenon shows that not a few people with high IQs are low achievers and vice
versa. High IQ coupled with low Emotional Qoutient (EQ) and Spiritual Qoutient (SQ) actually will establish
worse human.
Objective: was to analyze the Impact of the level of intellectual qoutient, emotional and spiritual together to the
learning achievement of students.
Methods: The study design was analytic with cross-sectional approach, the population reached as many as 260
students and a representative sample totaled 158 students with a technique that was proportionate Stratified
random sampling. for the measurement of IQ was questionnaire., EQ and SQ used a questionnaire with Likert scale, while the interpretation of learning seen from the GPA(Grade Point Average). Data was analyzed by
multiple linear regression with the help of Statistical Package for the Social Sciences program series 17.
Results: There was a significant positive effect between the variable levels of Intellectual Qoutient, emotional and
spiritual together to the student learning achievement. 0000 p-value <  0.05, Fcalculated 150 368> Ftable 2.66,
correlation coefficient (R) = 0863 and R Square of 0.745 means that the effect of predictor variables 74.5% of the
remaining dependent variable is Impactd by other variables. Level of emotional intelligence had the most dominant
Impact on learning achievement, with a contribution that was equal to 34.84% effective.
Conclusion: There was a significant positive effect together between the variable levels of intellectual qoutient,
emotional and spiritual to the student learning achievement and level of emotional intelligence had the most

Keywords: intelligence intellectual, emotional, spiritual, learning achievement